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Earn extra Mana or $Money when you invite people to Wroom.

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When people sign up using your code you will earn extra mana!

Mana is more valuable than gold inside of Wroom. The more mana you have in your Wroom account the better!

Convert Mana Into Ca$h

If you have a lot of excess mana you can convert it into cash. 500 mana converts into $1. Minimum payout is $20 (10,000 mana).

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Answers To All Your Questions

Answers to common questions. Can’t find the answer you needed? Email us at

Is there a max payout cap?
Nope! We payout based on conversion. If you convert 1,000,000 accounts we will pay you for each one. Minimum payout is $20.
Which currency do you pay in?
We will pay you in USD$.
How will you pay me?
We can pay you in Cashapp, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, Bank Transfer.
When do I get paid?
When you select the option inside of your Wroom account to convert Mana to Cash we will reach out to you for your preferred payment option within 1 business day. Once your payment Option details have been collected we will process your payment within 30 days (1 month).